week 3 – reflect on my goal

The reason why I choose to start this course, or and why I started doing meditation a couple of months ago was for health reasons. I had a huge insomnia that lasted about 6 months, I am much better now, but I still don’t sleep well specially if I have a stressful day… well, I’m a Medical Doctor so that kind of happens frequently.

So what I’ve noticed so far is that when I practice Yoga I sleep so much better. It’s incredible… this is why my goal is so important to me and it will be very meaningful to fill my goal.

As of right now I don’t know if there is anything that I want to change about the goal. I practice a lot of sports when I have time and I always thought of Yoga as too calm and really in a way it calms the mind. Maybe I should change my goal in a way that I should practice Yoga everyday or almost everyday because I feel much better when I practice! But it’s impossible… these past 2 weeks were insane… I just didn’t have time. I have a lot to accomplish yet. It’s as if I know that I can grow much more internally. Maybe later on, the goal moves to more spiritual reasons but honestly right now Yoga just makes me feel a lot calmer and sleep better.


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